Social Security cards should be printed on the spot, considering the substantial postal costs that the government accrues for mailing them to every applicant, and considering additionally the varied merited circumstances when applicants need them instantaneously, i.e. to complete employment processes. The only persons who should be receiving Social Security cards by mail are those who apply online* and/or who print and mail applications for them. *It should be possible to actually apply for a Social Security card online (not merely print the applications for them).

Printing Social Security cards on the spot would too significantly curtail identity theft that is synonymous with mail theft, particularly where mailing to unsecured mailboxes is concerned.

I previously discussed the need for making all mailboxes lockable (and the need for legislation requiring it) and how this is practical without postmen having to carry tons of keys for every mailbox.

If and when every mailbox is lockable, mailing Social Security cards to those who walk in to their nearest Social Security office would yet be imprudent. All Social Security offices have printers; they utilize them to print receipts for Social Security card replacement and other applications.

The same and/or other appropriate printers should be placed in each Social Security office for the purpose of instantaneously printing Social Security cards or eliminating the wait for them…