All public libraries should have and make scanners available for public use, particularly for the purpose of facilitating online application processes that require uploading of verification documents. No one should have to drive out of their own neighborhood to scan a document if they happen not to have a scanner or are experiencing any issues with a scanner that they own or have access to. The emailing of scanned documents should supersede or substantially replace the practice of faxing documents, which requires receivers to print subject documentation.

Imagine how many costly ink cartridges and paper this would save every day. It would further curtail need for a vast sect of the population to drive to and from varied public service agencies to submit essential documentation in person, making a venture of the sort environmentally friendly.

It would additionally reduce vehicular traffic and risks of accidents, if public service agencies place their application processes online, and if they and other entities that require transmission of documents via fax or traditional mail, if not in person, would accept scanned documents via electronic mail (email).

This, and making scanners available for use at public service agencies like the Department of Human Services (DHS), schools (during registration processes), etc., would eliminate a lot of red tape or government bureaucracy and costs of relevance to photocopying and/or transmitting documents via traditional means…