Many students do not attend college or acquire any form of higher education simply because they or their parents can’t afford the daily commute to their choice college, and/or the thought of regularly catching a city bus, even with a student-discounted daily, weekly, or monthly bus card isn’t very appealing to the majority of should-be college prospects. Additionally, not every student is comfortable with the idea of living on campus, even if there is availability. Unfortunately, there are no zoned colleges for every community like there are public schools, and if there were, every eligible prospect would not choose to attend them, though many if not most likely would, especially if it were compelled.

Higher education facilities in every school zone would vary from zone to zone. In certain instances, they might be actual traditional colleges and/or technical schools; in other instances they might be computer labs—stand alone or located within designated rooms in local high schools and/or public libraries— via which students could attend (remotely) any college that they would desire to attend and/or they’d be a combination of both. They should all offer GED or HiSET prep classes for those needing them.

Zone colleges and/or college connection centers could be creative in their representation of designated or select colleges, universities, and/or technical schools. For instance, they could fly each represented college’s flag or place each college’s logo and/or other paraphernalia throughout their campuses.

Shuttles for Campus Time at Local Colleges

College connection centers should provide shuttle services to and from local colleges, meaning that any or every student in the school zone and/or who is attending either of the colleges represented at their college connection center would be uniformly transported to and from local colleges in which they are enrolled. Students should be capable of riding the shuttles to and from college every school day if they wish, or whenever they wish, if they are otherwise attending remotely.


I am personally determined to get both of my children enrolled and graduated from college if I have to personally carry them to and from each school day. Many particularly indigent should-be college students do not attend or finish because of challenges commuting to and from campus, and this simply should not be. Bringing higher education and/or college shuttles to every school zone would resolve this issue and transform society to an extent that it has never before realized by magnanimously increasing the likelihood of every person completing higher education and achieving their greatest potential.