A Message from Yolanda Martin

I onboarded as a Substitute Educational Assistant with Memphis City Schools in November of 2012, and I took my first assignment in February of 2013. Memphis City Schools merged with Shelby County Schools months afterwards, a measure that I strongly endorsed. I also developed and premiered this site, via which I propose specific measures for sensible education reform, in June of 2013…

My proposals are partly based upon an education reform proposal that I submitted in a Technical Writing course at Georgia State University, and my working in now more than fifty (50…) schools, and working directly with nearly a thousand students. I’ve also shared my ideas for teaching techniques, etc. with the various teachers and other school officials I’ve worked with…

It was announced in November of 2013 that Shelby County Schools lead the nation in academic growth; Shelby County Schools further outpaced the state in proficiency gains in varied areas. Happenstance? I think not!

…Years ago as a young child, when I first learned of the various social issues in the world and of the reality of a Creator, Who has empowered each of us to partake in its cultivation, I decided that I would make a difference.

I refused to accept that the heart-rending images of starving children and people generally who I saw on television and the poverty that I’ve experienced and seen otherwise should be a norm. I believed and still believe that education and business, and expansion of it, are the ultimate solutions to poverty and most if not all of the world’s social woes.

I realize that as an African American woman I am faced with a special set of challenges that are faced by most Black women and girls and other minorities and women generally. Those challenges, however, have helped to develop my voice and fuel my passion to work towards rectification of those and other injustices.

My purpose is to articulate to the builders viable blueprints for placement of this world into its intended order, that is one that is alleviated of inequality, poverty, violence, environmental crisis, and sickness.

It is my sincere hope that you are inspired, empowered, and ready to run with the vision.

And, of course, everything I do is for my two, my two children, Ebony Jewelle Martin and Justice M. Adams.

Thanks, and God Bless.


Yolanda Michelle Martin


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