About Yolanda and This Site

Yolanda Michelle Martin is a Coca Cola scholar and alumnus (having won the grand prize of a $10,000 scholarship in the 1992 Memphis area “Share the Dream” essay contest her senior year at Northside High School) and an education and social reformist/innovator.

This site, which is not affiliated with Shelby County Schools, or any other school district or tangible agency or place of business in Memphis, Tennessee or elsewhere, is a think tank via which Yolanda shares her ideas and proposed solutions to major social and political issues, and for business development and improvement of services and products, etc.

Yolanda is also available to provide consultative services to government/social service and other agencies and companies upon request and for established fees, insomuch as said agencies or companies might desire elaboration upon posted ideas or input on any unaddressed issues…

Ideas on this and other related sites* are for ready use or implementation  by all schools, agencies, businesses, etc. that would benefit from them, though it is highly recommended that you invite Yolanda to participate in strategic planning and implementation processes, where often additional ideas are contrived to wholly perfect suggested concepts…

You can additionally connect with Yolanda via Meetup.

(*Yolanda Martin Workforce Solutions Blog and Yolanda Martin Teacher and Parent Resources for Excellence in Education).

Also read Yolanda Martin on Forbes

If you and/or your organization have implemented any ideas that are proposed on this site, please share it with us by testimonial and/or video which ideas you’ve implemented and how they have helped your school, organization etc…

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